Website backup

What it is:

Your website has a few different types of backups that need to be done in case something goes drastically wrong with it. It’s essential that you have a backup housed somewhere safe. It’s not unheard of for servers to crash and if the hosting provider hasn’t done a good job of making sure their servers were backed up, you could lose your entire site. It’s always best to make sure you have done a backup yourself so you know for SURE it’s always available…just in case!

How it benefits you:

Backups are insurance. You wouldn’t think about taking your car out on the busy highway without insurance, would you? If updating or installing a new plugin goes wrong, it can sometimes take your site offline…even preventing the admin from accessing the login page to fix it! Restoring a backup takes about 3-5 minutes and then you’re back online. It’s a necessity you don’t want to do without.

Why you need it:

We’ve all been in the situation before (usually with an important file or email) where you accidentally deleted something and you didn’t make a backup. Creating backups after you do updates to the site is also important so you have revision history. You wouldn’t want to just backup your site right after it was designed then forget about it. There will always be changes made to it so it’s ideal to back up after each change to save you work in the future, should something go wrong.

With your monthly plan, I will do a backup for you before I update anything. Once plugins and other updates are applied and tested, I will do a second backup as well. I will set up a Dropbox account just for you so that your backups are kept ‘in the cloud’ and I will also create a local backup which is stored on an external drive.