Test broken links & contact form

What it is:

Most people will have links in their website, whether it’s an internal link to other pages or external links to other websites. They will also have at least one contact form which lets the user interact with the owner by sending them a message without having to go through their email client in order to do so. These should be tested at least monthly to make sure the website is operating as it should.

How it benefits you:

By making sure your links work adds credibility to your site. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link you want to see and seeing a 404 error page stating it can’t be found. I usually leave the site if that happens to me. Testing your contact form is essential if you want customers. A lot of people test the contact form method before doing business with you to see what your response time is. Take more than a day to answer it, you can bet you won’t get their business. Keeping these simple things in working order ensures happy customers and more sales for you!

Why you need it:

I’m sure you’ve clicked on a link at some point only to get an error saying it was no longer found or it ends up leading you to a different page altogether that had nothing to do with the link at all. It’s beyond frustrating and creates a bad user experience, which nobody wants. It can lead to abandonment of your site altogether which is NOT the point of having a website, is it?

I will test for broken links and fix them for you. I will also send a test through all of your contact pages asking for confirmation of it by whomever it is sent to. Sometimes contact forms just stop working for unknown reasons. It could be on the hosting provider’s side or the plugin that is being used or it could be ending up in your spam folder all of a sudden and you’ve missed out on a potential sale. A lot of folks fail to test these things, but having been a business owner myself, I know the importance of making sure these items are in good working order.