Remaining time after services rendered

What it is:

Your plan is allotted a certain amount of hours per month for a flat fee. All of the services stated for your plan will be performed first and the time will be recorded. If there is time left over, you are free to use that remaining time as you wish for other services until that time runs out.

For example, if you buy the Executive plan which allots 4 hours of time per month and the services stated take 3 hours, you can use that remaining hour for whatever service I offer. If that task cannot be completed within the remaining time, you can buy extra hours at a discounted price. Time is always rounded to the quarter hour. Unused time does not rollover to the next month.

How it benefits you:

If you’re swimming with the big fish, then your business is always evolving. Instead of being cornered into only doing what your maintenance plan states, YOU get the choice of what you’d like to have performed. Tell me about holiday specials you’d like promoted or creation of a coupon code. Need a newsletter this month? No problem! Want me to post on your Facebook and website…I can do that. Value for money is what you get with this plan.

Why you need it:

This is a value added benefit to your monthly plan. You should get as much for your money as you can which is why I believe in offering this special service. Depending on how many updates and testing needs to be done during the month, the time spent on stated services can vary. Most companies who offer a monthly maintenance plan will try to work as little time as possible to get the most from your investment. There will be months where I spend longer on your site than what you’ve paid for, without you having to pay extra for it. There may be months where I don’t spend as long, which gives you the freedom to use that time you’ve purchased for anything you’d like. I have not seen any other company offer this before.

Services can be things like:

  • Anything on the Services Page
  • Updating text
  • Adding/removing photos
  • Searching for stock photos to use
  • Creating a Google Business page
  • Updating social media pages like Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google+, etc.
  • Helping with an Adwords campaign
  • Changing your menu structure or adding new items to it
  • Creating new pages or posts to add to your site
  • Creating a new logo or graphic
  • Setting up a newsletter
  • Help on creating a blog post
  • Editing your own work
  • Plus much more! If you can think it up, I can do it!