Receive emails from hosting provider and WordPress

What it is:

When you have a hosting account, you will probably get many notification emails from them about various topics. Typically they will email you about expiring services, updates available, newsletters and tech support issues. WordPress also sends the admin many messages throughout the month. Those can include comments awaiting moderation (which can be spam comments), plugin updates, WordPress updates, new user notification, login attempts, contact form inquiries, etc.

How it benefits you:

It can take a lot of time and technical knowledge to wade through emails that come from your hosting provider, website or WordPress. If you are busy with 20 other things throughout the day, these can easily be overlooked. I can intercept these types of emails and notifications for you, saving you time and money.

Why you need it:

Emails are easily overlooked when you don’t fully understand what they mean and often they can be important. You probably have enough emails to deal with, so for the Power User plan, I will receive all of these emails on your behalf and determine what needs to be done with them. I will act on them as they come through during the month.