Monthly review of site for errors and updated content

What it is:

For the Power User plan, I will review every page on your site each month looking for errors and opportunities for updating information and graphics to keep it fresh.

How it benefits you:

By staying current and changing things on your site keeps your visitors interested and coming back for more. Nobody wants to see the same thing on a website each time they go there. Should your visitors really like your content, there’s a higher chance they’ll share that with their friends. This nets you more customers and higher profits.

Why you need it:

Some people like to make changes to their own website but often need a second set of eyes to catch typos or making sure the information is clearly written. It’s easy to let images get “stale,” so often it’s a good idea to introduce new images to keep repeating visitors interested. Keeping your site up to date and correct is essential if you want to keep moving forward. I’m happy to suggest new images or text for you to add!