Monitor server up time and contact provider

What it is:

Your website is sitting on a server at a hosting provider’s site. Most providers these days offer at least a 99% uptime, meaning that your site should be accessible to anyone 99% of the time. We all know that computers aren’t perfect and sometimes they need to be rebooted or hardware fails. However, there are other providers who do NOT offer an uptime guarantee which needs to be taken into consideration when choosing one.

How it benefits you:

If your site goes down for some reason, don’t rely on your provider to jump on it immediately. It’s not THEM losing money or customers, it’s you! Keeping informed by having a plugin installed on your site that monitors uptime, I’m informed when your site is down. Should it be down for more than a few minutes during prime time, I will contact the hosting provider personally to find out what’s wrong. This often gets the ball moving if they don’t know about it yet which saves you time getting back online and impacting your customers.

Why you need it:

For plans Executive and Power User, I will monitor your server’s uptime and if it is down (during my normal waking hours) for longer than 30 minutes, I will either call, chat or email the provider on your behalf to find out the status. I will also keep track of how long and how many times it went down during the month. If you feel that a different provider is warranted due to excessive downtime, we can discuss your options.