Image optimization in Photoshop

What it is:

Photos are the lifeblood of a website. If you went to a site and the first thing you saw was a blurry image or one that was chopped off, how likely are you to stay there? Probably not long. It just doesn’t look professional and it’s hard to take a website seriously if they didn’t bother trying to make it look good. It can make or break you. Image optimization means that an image is scaled correctly while still maintaining the quality but also making sure it isn’t so large that your site loads slowly.

How it benefits you:

If your site takes longer than 4 or 5 seconds to load, most people will abandon it and probably never come back. Making sure your site loads quickly means keeping people there and leads to a higher percentage of sales.

Why you need it:

Nowadays, slider images are the first thing you see splashed across the entire screen of a website. These can be very hard for the novice designer to fit properly because it’s not a typical size that cameras shoot in. Often they get cropped at the top or bottom and can’t fit exactly so it ends up looking amateurish. You also don’t want huge file sizes if you’re scrolling through 4-5 carousel images on the homepage (or ANY page, for that matter). This slows down your site and could cause the viewer to abandon it simply because it’s taking too long to load. You also don’t want to make a picture larger than it is because pixelation occurs which causes it to look blurry and it loses its vividness. Sometimes you just have to settle for a different photo altogether because of it.

I have Photoshop which is essential for making images for the web and properly scaling them to fit predefined areas. I am offering optimization for up to 10 photos for the Executive plan and up to 20 for the Power User plan should you need it for any site on the internet you choose (website, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).