Freedom time

What it is:

If you prefer to have me work by the hour, you can purchase time depending on how long your request may take. The hourly rate is stated on the plan page.

How it benefits you:

If you like to save money, this is perfect for you. By buying this option, you still get all of the great service and features at a discount. No need to worry about paying an extra bill at the end of the month either. Buy it now and forget about it! Your account will be credited for the time purchased and can be used whenever you want!

Why you need it:

This special rate is only valid when purchased before services are rendered which saves you money from the standard hourly rate. Use the time however you’d like! Let’s talk about what you need done whether it be creating graphics for social media or your site, explanation and/or documentation on how to use the management console, helping create a newsletter and so much more!