Stephanie Dawson

I asked Warm Reptile Designs to help me with my current website which I was having difficulty with – the website was using a host that was limited and insufficient to meet my needs, difficult to integrate with the meta tags and other requirements I needed to register my site with the search engines. The biggest challenge a business owner these days is not in having a website, but having a professional website that can be found by customers looking for those types of services and one that converts well to a mobile environment.

The website that Stephanie built for my pressure washing company met those needs as well as eliminated a number of those concerns I had. As a business owner, I have a number of responsibilities from running the company and scheduling work, to performing estimates and interacting with our existing customer base. Stephanie took the time that I was wasting and streamlined my content into an organized and easy to navigate site that best showcases the skills and services our company has to offer. I have not found a device or platform that viewing my site did not render well on and looks attractive regardless of where I viewed it or what browsers I was using.

My previous website would only render well using a mac or a pc and the iPhone and android conversion was so off the wall, I could not expect any customers I was attempting to attract to take me seriously with such a haphazard site and unreadable mobile ability. I also had a number of so-called SEO optimization companies that were trying to sell me a dream of being in my local top 5-10 companies if I were to use their services – these services ranged from $40 monthly up to $1,500 a month. I have found an almost immediate return on my investment, not including the attractiveness of the site itself, but also in my search engine placement with the new website!

As a result of Stephanie’s superior kung fu web and SEO expertise, I now have a greater exposure to matching the services that we provide with both residential and commercial customers and the geographic area in which we provide them. I am extremely grateful for the rapid creation of the site, the flexibility of Stephanie in working with me to expedite the launch to go live in just one week as well as work out all the details with me, even though I am fickle and changed my mind a bunch of times. I would highly recommend Stephanie and Warm Reptile Designs in similar capacity and any other in which she would endeavor. Thanks again for all your help and the excellent result of our new company homepage!