Project name:

Urban Ocean

Project description:

Urban Ocean is a clothing, swimwear and accessory site which focuses on high-end, name brand fashions. Because of its location in Auckland, New Zealand, the city and beach are in close proximity to one another. Debbie wanted a site that mixed the two by providing clothing for either one. The result was a website that is fun to look at with many choices of products, including items for beach weddings! Her sister site, Sheer Deelites, sells lingerie, stockings and beach wear so the two compliment each other giving a well-rounded product offering.

With Debbie’s input, we narrowed down themes from free to paid and decided to start with a free one. If we didn’t like it, we would consider a paid option, but it didn’t have to come to that! The theme we chose was visually aesthetic and easy to work with, giving us everything we needed without having to pay for it. As I’m always looking for ways to save my clients money, I also trained her on how to create blog posts and add her own products. The result was a stunning site that will be easy to maintain and a very happy client!