Project name:

LiftX, Ltd.

Project description:

LiftX, Ltd. was looking to switch their account management to another company and met with me for some input. While they were happy with the way the site looked, they felt a WordPress site might benefit them. After doing some work on their existing Joomla site, I felt that it was lacking in the plugins and functionality that WordPress provides. I also thought the best way to stay on track was to switch it over while still maintaining their current look and feel of the site.

By adding some great graphics to each main page, it gave it that rugged and modern look which was perfect for the heavy equipment they sell. It will keep people interested in looking through the entire site and make a memorable experience.

LiftX didn’t have a Facebook page, so one was created for them. Warm Reptile Designs will also be handling their Google AdWords, Google My Business, YouTube and other forms of advertising. Clint was great to work with, getting me everything I needed in a timely manner and going over the website with me a couple of times for input on design. Their new site will evolve over time but for now, they’ll definitely make a statement with it.