Project name:

Christmas Pudding Factory

Project description:

The Christmas Pudding Factory is a small business that hand crafts Christmas puddings each year for customers. Ann Giles, original owner of Annies fruit leather, created this company in order to keep the tradition alive. She believes in a healthy lifestyle, free from processed foods and uses only the best ingredients. Ann needed an eCommerce site in order to sell her puddings nationally and also internationally. She went from a one page html site without any products being purchased through it, to a new, beautiful multiple page site using WordPress. We believe her sales will increase this year and have made it easy for the customer to calculate their shipping cost once their items are in the cart.

I was able to help with the photography for her site, which we feel did a great job of showing off her products in a professional manner. She will now have a site for years to come that will serve her client base each season and provide for additional products to be sold as they are created. Annie was very happy to have a modern, functional and easy to navigate site that did everything she had hoped for.