LiftX, Ltd.

LiftX, Ltd. was looking to switch their account management to another company and met with me for some input. While they were happy with the way the site looked, they felt a WordPress site might benefit them. After doing some work on their existing Joomla site, I felt that it […]

Warm Reptile Designs Graphic Design Elements

Graphic Design Projects

Here are some graphic designs created for customers that have been used in social media and on their websites.   Graphically representing your business is the wave of the future. Less text and more pictures are what people want. They don’t have time to read long paragraphs of text anymore. […]

The Recruitment Company Hastings

The Recruitment Company

The Recruitment Company was referred to me because they were a fairly new player in the recruitment field, based in Hastings, New Zealand. They had a Wix website and weren’t ranking well on SEO and just didn’t have the pizzazz to compete with some of the other companies out there. […]

aqua nova restoration

Aqua NoVa Restoration

Stephanie Dawson, owner of Aqua NoVa Restoration which supplies pressure washing services, was in need of a new, modern website with an emphasis on SEO. Her current site builder webpage was lacking in this absolute necessity, so I suggested we go with a WordPress site. She was all for it, so […]

tile rite picton new zealand paul power

Tile Rite New Zealand, Ltd.

Paul Power, owner of Tile Rite New Zealand, Ltd., approached me looking for help with a new website. The one he had looked a bit outdated even though it was created in 2013 and just didn’t have the pizazz it needed to catch the attention of the browsing public. He […]

Urban Ocean

Urban Ocean

Urban Ocean is a clothing, swimwear and accessory site which focuses on high-end, name brand fashions. Because of its location in Auckland, New Zealand, the city and beach are in close proximity to one another. Debbie wanted a site that mixed the two by providing clothing for either one. The […]

christmas pudding factory new zealand

Christmas Pudding Factory

The Christmas Pudding Factory is a small business that hand crafts Christmas puddings each year for customers. Ann Giles, original owner of Annies fruit leather, created this company in order to keep the tradition alive. She believes in a healthy lifestyle, free from processed foods and uses only the best ingredients. Ann […]

two brauds abroad

Two Brauds Abroad

Two Brauds Abroad is my personal site for the book I published with Camille Armantrout. We talk back and forth in email format in the first section of the book then discuss ways of living abroad in the second section. Camille and her husband lived in Ghana, Africa while I […]

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb is my personal blog which was created in 2013 when I left the United States to live and travel abroad. It uses the free WordPress platform and I recently changed the theme to a more updated look and better functionality. That’s one nice reason to use […]

WWII Tracings

Andrea is passionate about data! Having written many books, she decided to do something a little different by starting a blog dedicated to her father and his time during the war. She just wanted a free blog, so I set her up on and found a suitable theme for her […]


Spanish Language Travels is a company who designs Spanish language classes in countries around Central and South America. The owner, Nanouk Brouwer, has over 20 years experience in providing exciting trips to colorful places while learning the local language. I met Nanouk while living in Costa Rica and helped her […]