Web Hosting

Warm Reptile Designs trusts Site Ground for hosting its clients websites. They have been endorsed by WordPress and have fantastic customer service and uptime. With servers worldwide (Asia being the closest to New Zealand), response time is exceptionally fast. Through this link, you can get a special deal of only $3.95/mo. USD ($5.50NZD) for up to three years on a startup package which is perfect for one site! The discount applies to all of the packages they offer.

When I started searching for New Zealand or Australia hosts, I found they were all very expensive. Most of them even charged extra if you wanted phone tech support and I don’t think I found a single one that offered 24/7 support. I was also worried that these weren’t companies that had been around very long or they had changed hands once or twice. Overall, I didn’t get a good feeling about them and for the prices they were charging, were not good value for money.

I went to GoDaddy for a couple of clients but their uptime wasn’t fantastic nor did they have any guarantee on it. I finally found Site Ground and have been very happy with them as a whole. Why pay double or triple for less service? If you’ve come here thinking your current web company is charging you too much for hosting, you’re probably right. A lot of these firms up charge you for hosting, pocketing the remainder. You get billed one price which they usually charge up front and you don’t really know how much it costs. You may think you’re getting a pass-through charge, when in effect, you’re actually not. I don’t think that’s right, although it’s a good way to make extra money by doing nothing! Personally, I don’t like to up charge on things like this so I’m making it very transparent for my customers to see exactly what it costs. 

Feel free to create your own site and grab a great deal on hosting too! Or if you just want your site moved over in order to save money, I can help with that as well.

Web Hosting



*Warm Reptile Designs receives a bonus for referring customers which allows me to pass through the exact same cost of hosting to you, instead of charging you more for it. Nothing comes out of your pocket for this referral.