Using Feedback to Your Advantage

Any large company I’ve ever worked for, the human resources department always claimed to value the thoughts of the employees and encouraged them to come forth and discuss how they felt. The problem was that you put yourself at risk if you had a complaint because they knew who you were. Therefore, most people wouldn’t speak up and the few who did were the rebels and were silently cheered on by their fellow peers.

I would always suggest to HR that they should put a suggestion box in the break room, thereby making it anonymous for the employee. It would help the business by knowing what their employees really thought and they would then be able to work on those issues. You know what happened each and every time? HR would say, “That’s a wonderful idea, we’ll do that!” and then they never did. What a shame it was for everyone because employee morale got worse, more people complained amongst one another and the company turned a blind eye to the problems.

As a business owner, it’s hard to face up to the fact that what you are doing might not be the right way. This is why sites like TripAdvisor, eBay and Amazon can be very helpful, not only to future customers but to the owners themselves. There will always be people who are never pleased and will leave negative reviews. It’s when you start seeing multiple negative reviews that should concern you. Instead of going on the defensive, look at the comments with a subjective eye and take into consideration what you could have done better. There are always two sides to the story, so pointing out (in a professional way) why the issue happened can let the reader decide on why the review was left in the first place. 

Standing out above the rest is what will ultimately make you more money. Why not go that extra mile to make sure you exceed the expectations of your customers? Even if it costs you a little more money to implement positive changes, you will earn it back with returning customers. Running a business is a 24 hour job and you should expect a good return on your hard work. One of your first priorities is taking into consideration what your customers say about you, so be sure to listen to them and I promise that your company will change for the better. Responding to those reviews, whether good or bad should also be done to show readers that you value your customers and their thoughts. Be sure to do this soon after they’re posted.

I notice many businesses don’t have their website or hours on their TripAdvisor pages and it’s probably because they don’t know how to get them on there. TripAdvisor listings can be created by anyone but it’s up to the owner to claim that business as theirs and have some control over their listing. To me, this is essential and I wonder why not many people are doing it. It will allow you to post “management” photos, respond to reviews, put your website and other information on there as well as get you some TripAdvisor freebies to put in your shop. It doesn’t take long to do and will only help you and possibly your reputation! If you’ve gotten a negative review that is completely unwarranted or was meant to be left for someone else, you have no recourse if you don’t have the management section set up. You can bring the issue up with TripAdvisor and it’s possible to have the comment removed.

Warm Reptile Designs has been in the customer service business for over 25 years and knows what makes a good business tick. Offering straightforward and honest opinions about improvements to your company can be invaluable. Don’t be bracing for a negative review in order to start making changes. Get in contact today and let’s discuss how you can start on the path to improvement!