WWII Tracings


Andrea Sutcliffe

Author and Blogger


Andrea is a published author of over a dozen books on a variety of non-fiction topics ranging from reference to travel and is a WordPress blogger. She worked in the Washington D.C. area as a writer/editor for 35 years. She is also a world traveler and photography enthusiast.

Andrea needed a blog created for her research on the 111th Ordnance Company her father was a part of during World War II. Her goal was to reach out to the families of the men that served with him as well as providing more information about their roles. I was able to find a theme that worked well for the topic and taught her how to create menus and pages so she could add to the blog at her leisure. She is happy to have gotten an overwhelming response after starting the blog with an amazing 8,000 visitors since 2013. 


Through the creation of my blog, Steph helped me find the families of the men who served with my father. It even led to writing a book about it!