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Urban Ocean


Debbie Tracey

Owner, Urban Ocean

Debbie and I met through TradeMe, an online auction platform when she purchased an item of mine. I noticed she had a website and we got to talking about it. She was frustrated with the level of service she was getting by her current design company and asked if I would be able to help with some changes. Her site wasn't built using WordPress, but I had a go with it and managed to make some changes that would have otherwise cost her four times as much. Unfortunately, she was locked in with the current designer and they would not let her access back-end files which were sometimes dependent on making changes. 

She decided to start a new website called Urban Ocean as an extension of the one she already had. I searched for a good eCommerce theme and one that would work with her products and hit the ground running! Since Debbie already had some experience with websites, it was easy to work with her on a new platform, even though she had never used WordPress before. She was able to start adding products and learning about SEO while I built the site at the same time. She was very happy with the look and feel of Urban Ocean and commented on what a huge difference it was from her first site. Debbie was so much fun to work with and on top of that, a great person with a flair for design and style. We expect the site to take off quickly and become very productive for her.


I now have an eCommerce site that is modern, easy to navigate and is visually stunning.