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The Recruitment Company

The Recruitment Company

Rudy Markram

Founder, The Recruitment Company

Rudy Markram has a varied background in business operations, hailing from South Africa. He knows the importance of technology but needs to focus on the development side and growing his business. He reached out to Warm Reptile Designs for assistance on his existing site and kept an open mind to changing it completely. Once I got a feel for what they were doing, I realised how critical it was to have a useful and friendly site so job seekers would be enticed to stay there.

Having found a job board theme with all the bells and whistles Rudy needed was the first step in the right direction. Job seekers are now able to search and apply for jobs on the site or simply register with The Recruitment Company to receive job updates. They have a blog which gives great tips on finding the right job and how to prepare for an interview. Their Facebook page will also be automatically updated with new jobs and blog posts as they are published on the website.

All of the employees of The Recruitment Company were involved with the testing of the website and shared their thoughts on improvements and changes. They are happy with the outcome and the website will continue to grow with new features as needed. They will no doubt become one of the larger employment agencies in New Zealand and have a professional site to back them up.


We found Steph from Warm Reptile to be very sufficient, knowledgeable and professional. Steph took the time to get to know our business and set up a website that suits our needs.

Steph will be keeping an eye on our site going forward to make sure that we keep up with new technology.