Spanish Language Travels



Nanouk Brouwer

SLT Founder and Owner

Nanouk was Dutch born but enjoys living in the tropics. She decided to make a job out of doing what she loved - speaking Spanish and traveling. She created a business model in 1993 combining language classes and travel. She has now grown her business to include schools in 7 different countries and also offers Skype lessons!

Nanouk's original website was dated and didn't have the 'bells and whistles' newer sites had. I advised that she should update her site and make a better return on her investment. For a lot less than she thought, I created a new, colorful and comprehensive website with her. Because her customer base is in Europe, she had her site in Dutch. She worked on adding and updating the text while I worked on the rest of the aspects of the site. She's now reaching out to the American market after translating the site into English and will be gaining more customers soon.




Steph was an invaluable part of my current business and increased my sales by 70%!