Marcel’s Bakery



Marcel van Arendonk

Owner, Marcel's Bakery

Marcel owns a lovely little bakery, meat market and chocolate shop all under one roof. Located in sunny Nelson, New Zealand, he found his calling after working in a variety of professions. He loves what he does and makes many people happy when they enter his shop.

I personally visited his bakery while in Nelson and wanted to learn more about it when I got home. When I noticed he only had a Facebook page and not a website, I dropped him a line inquiring if he needed one made. He wrote back saying that he was indeed interested so the project began. I was able to find a theme based on the look of a cookbook and knew it would fit his bakery perfectly. I also got him on TripAdvisor's business management site and the reviews started rolling in. It's now easier for people to find out more about his business and I predict an increase in customers because of it.

Unfortunately, Marcel's went out of business in December, 2017 so his website is no longer displayed here.



I'm happy to have a functioning website which was up quickly and incorporated everything I needed!