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The Power of Images

The old saying, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words” still holds true today. These days, online readers don’t have time to go through paragraphs of text to find out what you’re selling. They want a good graphic with minimal information that gets the message across within seconds. […]

Using Feedback to Your Advantage

Any large company I’ve ever worked for, the human resources department always claimed to value the thoughts of the employees and encouraged them to come forth and discuss how they felt. The problem was that you put yourself at risk if you had a complaint because they knew who you […]

An Outdated Website Can Cost You Business

  It’s hard to believe that I started building websites in 1999 using Front Page. I thought I had taken a huge leap by learning Dreamweaver after that. Then the advent of online template driven websites came out and I created my first personal site using Wix in 2010. A lot has changed since […]