Maintenance Plans

Are you too busy to deal with all of the updates, emails, backups and potential problems with your site? Warm Reptile Designs happily provides four kinds of plans depending on your situation. With competitive pricing and outstanding service, you can rest assured that your site will be in good hands each month. Protect your investment by making sure your site is safe and up to date. Check out the monthly maintenance plans to see which one is best for you!

Website and Blog Design

Websites and blogs designed to match your business with fully responsive pages for most devices on the market using WordPress. You can expect a professional, comprehensive and functional site when working with Warm Reptile Designs. Don't know anything about websites? That's ok! With over 20 years of customer service experience in the I.T. field, things will be explained in a clear and concise manner with no techy jargon involved! You can expect a reasonable turnaround time for your project with a realistic price tag. Websites shouldn't be unaffordable. If you have a budget in mind, your site can be designed within those constraints and added onto later as your finances allow. Quality will not be sacrificed no matter what your price point is.

Graphics Design for Social Media

If your Facebook page or website needs a little pizzaz, do it with a graphic! Studies have proven that people are more drawn to pictures with a little text than text alone. I can create an info graphic that catches the eye and gets your message across in a creative way. Get people talking and sharing on social media. One of the cheapest ways to advertise!

Second Opinions

Has someone quoted you a price on a website or project that seems too high? Honesty is my policy and I can review your quote to let you know if it seems reasonable. More often than not, a lot of tech jargon is put into quotes that the customer may not understand. Design companies have also been known to charge for SEO services per month without actually doing anything for it! If someone tries to sell you on SEO services without explaining it well enough, leaving you more confused than educated, I'll be happy to explain what it all means in plain and simple terms. I'm not out to underbid anyone but will gladly do a quote for the same services for you to compare.

Facebook Business Pages

Everyone knows that Facebook is huge when it comes to advertising. If you have a business, this is the place to be seen! Warm Reptile Designs can assist in creating a Facebook business page so that you can keep your customers up to date on specials or events. In addition to adding photos to the page, you can also opt to receive reviews and add videos. Quite often, credit card companies like American Express will send you free items to be used in your place of business as long as you have a TripAdvisor business page! You can also get free TripAdvisor window stickers to help promote your business.

Newsletter Creation

Everyone has gotten an online newsletter at some point. Have you thought about one for your business? People like signing up for these to hear about specials or discounts, especially returning customers. Even if you don't have a WordPress site, a newsletter can still be created as long as you can collect email addresses. Newsletters can pack a lot of information into a small space and stats can be collected on how many actually click through to go to your site so you know how they're performing. Keep your brand in front of your existing and potential customers! It can even be posted to social media along with a signup section in Facebook.

Beginner Lessons

Are you new to computers, phones or tablets and need to learn some basics? Some people may already have experience but have a list of things they'd like to know how to do. I can provide one on one in person lessons, written procedures if you're not in my location or Skype/online meeting training. I am located near Blenheim, New Zealand and make house calls. Get your list ready and let's tackle your questions today!

TripAdvisor Management Listing

If you own a hotel, B&B, restaurant, tour company or attraction, you need to be on TripAdvisor. With over 350 million visitors per month, it's your first step toward getting noticed. Warm Reptile Designs can set you up with a management page which allows you to respond to reviews, add your own photos, create TripAdvisor widgets on your website, have free access to window stickers and get discounts through third party vendors. TripAdvisor is an invaluable tool for any business owner so jump on board today! Read more about using feedback to your advantage and how TripAdvisor reviews can help your business here.


Do you need to sell something on your website? If you have an existing site, your theme may support eCommerce setup. Choose from PayPal, direct bank deposit or credit card payments. If you need a site that supports these, Warm Reptile Designs can set that up for you. With years of experience in the field, you can be assured that payments will process smoothly and your customers will receive receipts and notifications when their items have shipped.
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Client Referral Bonus

warm reptile referral bonus

Warm Reptile Designs is happy to announce a new customer appreciation bonus! Any current customers who refer someone to me to create a new website will receive $50 in credit toward your future billing! The new customer will receive a $10 credit for coming on board which can be applied to the final bill. Everybody loves a discount so I hope you spread the word! Referral bonuses are unlimited and expire one year after awarded. Please see the terms and conditions in the FAQ.


Special Graphics Design Package

warm reptile designs graphics special

Start your new year off right with a graphics design discount package!

It's a fact - people love looking at graphics on social media and websites. They get the message across with a little text and great pictures. These are a great form of advertising when people like and share the images. Get traffic to your site quickly by having some designed for you! 

This special pricing, which saves you up to 40%, lets you choose what and when to use them. No clue as to what it should look like? It's ok, leave it up to me! Tell me what you're trying to get across and I'll find the perfect royalty free photo or use one of yours and add the text. These can be made to any size you'd like or the exact size for Facebook. If you really like it and want to print out a small poster for your retail location, that can be created too! Great for coupon codes, advertising specials or grand openings.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact me for more information! Here are some examples of what is possible. The sky's the limit!

Choose Your Package

5 Graphics Package
$62.50 NZD
Get 5 graphics made any time you want
Great for website, Facebook, Pinterest or blog!
High quality stock photos
Use your text or mine
10 Graphics Package
$120 NZD
Get 10 graphics made any time you want
Great for website, Facebook, Pinterest or blog!
High quality stock photos
Use your text or mine

marcels bakery nelson graphic marcels sale marcels fudge sale  

Web Maintenance Plans

What makes Warm Reptile Design's monthly plans different from the rest?

Monthly plans help you focus on your business by leaving the maintenance up to me. I encourage you to search for website maintenance plans to compare pricing and services. I enjoy helping people achieve their goals and am not out to 'get rich quick'. I believe in affordable tech support and am more than qualified to provide you with the very best at a reasonable price. I am offering some special services I haven't seen elsewhere and also making sure you get the most out of your investment. I promise personalized, friendly and professional support. I guarantee you'll be satisfied!

Please check out the FAQ section on what each of these services mean so you can decide which plan works best for you. The terms of the plans are clearly stated, so be sure to review it, as you will be bound by this agreement when signing up.

Basic 2 Hours
$59 NZDMonthly
Update plugins, theme & WordPress
Monthly website backup
2 info graphics designed for site/social media
Remaining time can be used as you wish
Add on hours for $25/hr
Power User 6 Hours
$179 NZDMonthly
Update plugins, theme & WordPress
Bi-weekly website backup
Image optimization up to 20 photos in Photoshop & posted on site
Test for broken links & contact form functionality
Monitor server up time and contact provider with issues
Monthly review of entire site for errors and updated content
Receive all emails from hosting provider and admin emails from WordPress
6 info graphics designed for site/social media
Remaining time can be used as you wish
Add on hours for $25/hr

Don't need a monthly plan? Get Freedom Time Instead!

Freedom TimeUse for any service paid up front. Saves you 20% off the going hourly rate!
$40 NZDPer Hour


Urban Ocean
two brauds abroad
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website gramatical errors

Wood You Want Too Reed This?

Ahhh the good old days of marked up reports in red pen ink. I can practically smell that stuff just thinking about it. These days you aren’t banging out a report on a typewriter with no error correction, instead you get a lovely little underline in red on your computer […]

marcels bakery nelson graphic

The Power of Images

The old saying, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words” still holds true today. These days, online readers don’t have time to go through paragraphs of text to find out what you’re selling. They want a good graphic with minimal information that gets the message across within seconds. […]

tripadvisor management section

Using Feedback to Your Advantage

Any large company I’ve ever worked for, the human resources department always claimed to value the thoughts of the employees and encouraged them to come forth and discuss how they felt. The problem was that you put yourself at risk if you had a complaint because they knew who you […]

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It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial for Steph of Warm Reptile.  My previous experiences with so called ‘Website Building Companies’ had left me feeling alone and broke!  Not the kind of outcome you would want when you are trying to start up a business on-line for the first time.

Steph learned of my plight and literally took me under her wing.  Thanks to Steph I now have an eCommerce site that is modern, easy to navigate and is visually stunning.

The process was fast, fun and right on brief.  Steph’s knowledge and expertise impressed me through out.  She communicated, without fail, several times a day, which made me feel included in the decision making, and totally at ease.  It was exciting to see the progress of my website coming to life!

Steph goes that extra mile, and even designed and implemented a new logo for my website.  Her flat rate is really affordable and does not, in any way, reflect her skill set.

I would highly recommend Steph of Warm Reptile to anyone who is thinking about building a website.  Above all Steph’s honesty, diligence and compassion really shine through!

Debbie Tracey

Debbie Tracey

Debbie Tracey, Owner Urban Ocean and Sheer Deelites

Just want to say thank you for your great service in the revamp of our Christmas pudding web site.

Really appreciated your focused attention that kept the project progressing forward, your  emphasis on making sure the site made sense to those that interact to it and attention to detail.  Your problem solving ideas and knowledge of all things internet were invaluable along with your integrity and professionalism.

You made what seemed like a daunting project to me actualise with ease.

Ann Giles

Owner, Christmas Pudding Factory

Steph was one of my first guests to come and stay in my Airbnb room. As I was just starting out, I wasn’t really sure what the room should include and I guess I was quite naïve as to what guests would expect. Steph came and stayed for a week and we were having a chat one day and she said that the room was great but that as a visitor, she would have liked a few extra things in the room to make it more comfortable. She suggested a clock radio, a mirror and some tourist brochures. So that’s exactly what I did. I took Steph’s suggestions on board and have had positive feedback from guests. Thanks Steph, I really appreciated your input.

Marie Celere

Certified Practising Real Estate Agent

I’m proud of being an A Class tour guide, but I’m a total klutz when it comes to I.T.

I wanted to take advantage of Social Media, but didn’t have a clue how to get started. (Still don’t!)

Steph De La Garza came over my horizon as an all-rounder, but turned out to be an Ace at computer work.

She put my Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours of Magnetic Island on Trip Advisor. Steph set it all up perfectly, in no time at all, and the effects were immediate.

As the testimonials from past passengers mounted, so the business ramped up. That, and word of mouth among travellers, are among my best sources of business.

She also helped me figure out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer so I could post them on Facebook and TripAdvisor.

I’m happy to recommend her. (I’ll do it personally if you come on my tour!)

Col Foley

Col Foley

Owner, Hop On Hop Off Buses (Aust) Pty Ltd.

I needed a blog to be set up on short notice before setting off for a European trip to track my father’s WWII U.S. Army route. Stephanie had me up and running within a few days with a perfect design for the subject. I had no previous experience with blogs, but the site she created has been remarkably easy for me to update and maintain. After I wrote a related book, she added a “click and buy” icon at the top of the home page that connected my readers to, which markedly increased my book sales. She was reliable, prompt, and easy to work with, with a very good eye for design.

Andrea Sutcliffe

Andrea Sutcliffe


The site is really good and it gave me about 70% more clients. Due to the SEO, I think I am in the top 3 of google search results typing in something like: learning Spanish in Ecuador (but in Dutch of course). The site is translated in English now and we have had 2 reservations so far. I believe that it will start working next year and I will have something like 30 reservations to the English market. A big thanks to Steph for suggesting a new website and now more clients than ever before!


Nanouk Brouwer

Nanouk Brouwer

Owner, Spanish Language Travels

Very happy with the cover Steph designed for my book. She worked with my own ideas, but added her design skill to come up with the finished product. She was more than happy to make any changes I asked for. I would happily use services her again and highly recommend her.    

Allan Mills

Allan Mills, Author

Just wanted to thank you for what you have done with out you I wouldn’t have an idea how to do it!

Marcel van Arendonk

Marcel van Arendonk

Owner, Marcel's Bakery
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